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Cedar Falls, IA is a diversed community with people from different nationalitiesCedar Falls residents can trace their community's history back to the 1840s when the first settlers built homes in Cedar Falls IA. The first residents were immigrants who were attracted to the area’s natural resources. Most of the town's original settlers purchased real estate in Cedar Falls IA near prairies and the Cedar River.

The town's original settlers named the town "Sturgis Falls" to pay tribute to the town's founding family. It would later change its name to "Cedar Falls” in 1850 when local business owners bought out the Sturgis family's real estate in Cedar Falls IA.

Residents would later see an increased demand for real estate in Cedar Falls IA after the Civil War when merchants learned how to use its railroad connections to transport products to cities located across the Midwest.


Parks & Recreation


Cedar Falls, IA has great venues for outdoor and recreational activitiesCedar Falls is now a thriving town that features beautiful parks, a thriving economy and many outdoor amenities that make living in Iowa a joy. For more information about the city's history, please visit http://www.cedarfalls.com/index.aspx?nid=136.

Popular Cedar Falls Parks and Recreational Centers: http://www.cedarfalls.com/index.aspx?NID=171

George Wyth Memorial State Park: http://www.cedarfalls.com/index.aspx?NID=190

This designated National Urban Wildlife Sanctuary is home to several campgrounds, lakes, picnic grounds and bike paths. It is also home to a wildlife preserve that features whitetail deer and over 200 bird species. Residents can reserve any of the park's amenities by calling 319-232-5505 during normal business hours.

Cedar Falls Community Center: http://www.cedarfalls.com/index.aspx?NID=1058

Cedar Falls Community Center is located at 528 Main St. Its most popular attractions include, a fitness center, a pottery studio and a reception hall. For details on how to reserve Cedar Falls Community Center for special events, please call 319-277-1900.


Popular Attractions and Activities

home for sale in Cedar Falls, IAPheasant Ridge Golf Course:  http://www.cedarfalls.com/index.aspx?NID=226

Pheasant Ridge Golf Course is a player-friendly golf course that is located at 3205 W. 12th St. Some of Pheasant Ridge’s most popular amenities include a practice range, a banquet hall and a teaching center. Residents can reserve any of Pheasant Ridge's amenities by calling 319-266-8266.

University of Northern Iowa Museum: http://www.uni.edu/museum/

The University of Northern Iowa Museum is located near many older homes in Cedar Falls IA at 219 Hudson Road. It features over 150 exhibits that teach visitors about the area's social history, plants and animals. The museum hosts several lectures and other special events each year that can make living in homes in Cedar Falls IA more enjoyable. For more details about these events, please call 319-273-2188.



View the Cedar Falls Event Calendar here: http://www.cedarfallstourism.org/upcoming-events/

Cedar Basin Jazz Festival: http://www.cedarbasinjazz.org/

The Cedar Basin Jazz Festival is a three-day festival that celebrates the talents of the Midwest's most popular jazz bands. It takes place each June at several venues located near Sturgis Park and the downtown area. For more details, please call 1-800-845-1955.

Sturgis Falls Celebration: http://www.sturgisfalls.org/

This Sturgis Falls Celebration is a festival that celebrates the founding of Cedar Falls. It takes places during the last weekend in June at many venues located across the city. Some of the festival's most popular attractions include a carnival, a classic car show, food courts, a children's area and a pool party. For more information, please call 319-268-1985 to obtain a schedule of events.

Gloria Mueller
Gloria Mueller